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About Us

"To the spirit of freedom that dwels within us all & guides us to surpass every obstacle to reach the goal" - Jonathan Livington Seagull 


Mpower is an executive life and leadership coaching company that empowers high-achieving leaders to augment their leadership potential by driving higher performance from their teams & increase the profits while living a balanced, sustainable, and fulfilling lives—without sacrificing their health, relationships, or happiness.

We believe we are the winds beneath your wings to reach the goals you have destined for yourself to achieve. 

Our signature coaching program, Become The Leader Your Team Can Die For, teaches a new leadership paradigm that has empowered more than 1,000 high-achieving leaders to address the underlying patterns of low team performance, leadership burnout and build a foundation of conscious & holistic leadership including wellness—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, and occupational wellbeing—so they can flourish and lead lives with clarity, passion and purpose.

We help leaders harness their strengths as a leader, align them with their teams & create a lasting bond with them and create the magic, leading to doubled performance. We do this by helping them master their behaviours, emotions, their mind, and their communication, so they can create a dream team they always wanted that is independent even when they're off on an island. In this process, they get to not only shine out their leadership excellence but also build greater relationships with their teams and live the life they want with passion and enthusiasm and make the impact in the world they’re here to make.

Developed over 10 years of research in holistic leadership development, neuroscience, positive psychology, and our CEO's experience as a management professional in setting up client servicing teams for organizations such as Microsoft, Daksh (now Concentrix), Sapient Corporation, ITC Ltd. The Times of India group, BTLD’s proprietary system features a 12-week immersive e-curriculum to address the underlying causes low team performance and leadership burnout, with personalized coaching, systems of accountability, and lifetime client support. Our intensive curriculum blends the theoretical and practical, masculine and feminine leadership principles, and deep self-exploration at both the subconscious and conscious levels to get impactful results quickly that last long-term.


Inspired by her own experience of climbing the corporate ladder and learning on her own the leadership mantras to scale a team's performance, and having seen many leaders feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and anxious about their leadership potential while feeling unfulfilled in their lives due to lack of time, Sindhuja developed her signature coaching program, Become The Leader Your Team Can Die For, based on over 17 years of research in leadership essentials to have a high performing team, neuroscience, mindfulness, positive psychology, conscious and holistic leadership development and deep inner transformations. Her work has helped her identify the specific traits and qualities high-achieving leaders should have in common that lead them to build teams that can achieve their goals on their own, even in the absence of their leader in a sustainable way.

She has since helped more than 1,000 leaders across the globe—managers to C-Level executives in multiple industries such as consulting, education, FMCG, Pharma, BPO, e-Commerce, IT, ITeS and more and more—successfully enhancing their leadership potential, redefining corporate cultures, increasing their team performance while banishing their burnout and exhaustion and go on to start create higher profits in their businesses, getting promotions and advancing in their careers, living healthy and fulfilling lives with their families, and loved ones, and pursuing their passions and dreams, all together.

Sindhuja is a proud wife, entrepreneur, and member of the International Coach Federation. She is an ICF-PCC Credentialed coach, a Deep Transformation Master Coach as well as a Hogan Practitioner.

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