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This program is for you if you're having

Low Leadership Confidence

You may have certain strengths that you are not aware which you feel can be utilized better and some areas which need more work.

But you are not sure how to go about it and do it correctly so that they can help in your current or new role as a leader.

Low Team Performance

You are trying everything possible to motivate your teams to perform to achieve the numbers needed, but they have to be constantly pushed

There is inconsistency in their performance and it is difficult to keep current customers happy with these results, forget about getting new customers or scaling up the business.

Lack Of Time

Your entire day goes in managing day-to-day operations to make sure at the end, you are able to somehow meet the organizational goals. 

This leaves you very little or no time to do any strategic level planning or work for taking on newer role or innovation in the team.

3 Steps To Become The Leader Your Team Can Die For!


Discover your strengths and derailers that can be a watch out while leading your teams. Also build a leadership personality that is not only charismatic and popular but also outcome focused.

This inner transformation has a reflection in all areas of your life not just work and people around you can see the difference it is making...

Shared Leadership

Take your leadership to another new level by learning how to build stronger bonds with your teams, empower & inspire them in a way that they are motivated and can even give high performance in your absence, scale up your business month on month.

You build relationships with your team mates, in a way that you never knew was possible and these could even last a lifetime!

Inspirational Leadership

Your team now is lead by your trust in them and by utilizing their potential like never before. Your vision for the team inspires them to show up every day and deliver their best performance even in your absence. Now you don't need to get involved in day to-day nitty gritty's of business, you can focus yourself on higher level strategic planning and execution to take you to the next level. 


Our program is designed to create a new sense of confidence in you as a leader while building stronger trust and vision alignment with your teams following the principles of conscious leadership.

When this stage is reached , there are no frictions but a smooth flowing relationship with your team where you form deeper bonds with them and they can even perform when you're not in office or when you are busy with other important tasks as a leader, leaving you with the time, you so need!

If you're in for the game to become such a leader, we are there to work alongside with you and will show you what needs to be done...

Why Are We Unique?

Most leadership training programs only help you learn leadership skills and maybe give you a certification. Also these programs don't really teach you how you can do all that you do everyday without getting stressed, over burdened and having no time for self.

We work with you hands-on right from where you are in your leadership to where you wish to be at, whatever your goals are. We are there when you try something and it doesn't work, helping you also see any blind spots that may be getting missed or mind blocks that have been stopping you to reach your goals in the past. We will also celebrate with you when you achieve your next big goal. So, all in all, we're there with you week on week till reach the finishing line!

You can call us your partners all the way...till you reach your final goal :)

Step-by-Step System

Our program is designed in small capsules that are easy to digest as well as implement, so you are able to understand what you need to do to move a step forward and not get lost in long term big ideas!

You will also see the progress you are making on a weekly basis which will motivate you further to work on your goals.

Mindset & Performance Coaching

The fact that you need us to support you, there is a strong reason that you are getting stuck somewhere with your mindset and you need performance based coaching system to ensure you are feeling unstuck and freely moving towards your goals. We consider this as an important part of our role and responsibility 

Personal Hand-Holding & Support

It is easy to find all the information you need to become the best leader on the internet today, but what makes us unique is that we are there to help you implement and do any course-corrections, if required, based on our past leadership experience and having coached more than a 1000+ leaders globally! 

How Quickly Can You Start Getting The Results?

We have made the whole process very simple for you...

Step 1: Enroll in the program

Step 2: Start implementing program

Step 3: Start seeing the results!

join our next group program 

And be a part of the Mastermind of Leaders! 

To become a leader of influence where your teams can work independent of you, and you have the time to focus on other areas of your business, you need a proven process that will create a team that is completely aligned with you and your vision, so you are not only able to level-up their performance, but also deliver great results for your clients and achieve your team and organizational goals. As an Mpower certified High-Impact Leader, you’ll get:

A Proven Curriculum

No more wasting your time to figure it out by yourself! You will get time tested global frameworks, best practices and principles that build "True" leaders for today' Modern world. A week wise program where you will evolve as a leader every week and notice a transformation not only in yourself but also in your teams where they start bonding with you better and your tasks get accomplished easily.

A Supportive Community

Our group coaching program will include leaders like you who are also facing similar challenges and struggles in their leadership, so you know you are not alone in this. Also you will get a platform where you can learn and share from their real-time learning. When working in a group, the results are far higher as you have each other's support system, where you feel  focused, supported and informed.

A System To Keep You On Track

We believe "Information" is of no use without real "Transformation". Hence, we have created a System to keep you on track and accountable so you can start showing real results at the earliest, be it with your business profits, highly engaged and motivated teams or you being most productive as a leader.

International Level Coaching & Mentoring

Our program is lead by an internationally and certified coach from International Coach Federation (ICF) while following the ethics and competencies laid out by the organization with over 30 years of leadership, training, consulting and coaching experience with leaders and teams.


Your Questions Answered

How do you conduct these sessions?

All our sessions are conducted over LIVE Zoom calls and you can log in from wherever you are in the world. 

Although these sessions are important to be attended LIVE, in case of an emergency, you will have access to the recording as well.

How often are the sessions conducted?

We have a 1 X 90 mins group coaching session and 2 X 60 mins individual sessions per month. The group session will be on a specific module and the 1:1 sessions each month with each of the participants of the program will be to ensure you do not get stuck at any given point in the program and are able to implement your learning in your work space consistently.

Can I do this program at my own pace?

We prefer you to work with us with the momentum that we have set for this program, which is well spaced out anyways. Also it is to make sure you start seeing the results as soon as possible within yourself and with your teams which will motivate you to take further steps.

How much additional time do I need?

As we will be also asking you to work on some assignments each week, we suggest you to keep at least 3 - 4 hours in addition to the session per week for you to be on track with our program. 

Do you have any guarantees?

Yes, our program is designed to help you become the leader your team can die for! As long as you work on the program, you will be able to achieve your goal. However, it also depends on your effort in showing up for the sessions, working on the assignments and taking due action in your real-time work place and with the stakeholders involved to start seeing the results. 

What happens after the program ends?

After the coaching program is completed and you have reached a certain result you wanted, you may want to continue with the coaching for another goal that may have showed up during our journey. We will be happy to support you through this goal as well, if you want us to. For that there will be a new agreement, new set of goals and a new timeline will be set, which can be mutually discussed. 

* IMPORTANT Note: We keep our group sizes small and places fill up fast - do let us know and we will reserve your place today so you don't have to wait. If you would like to join in a group with other associates, we can also create a special one for you!


Want To Join The Program But Still Have Questions?

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