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Client Feedbacks

We have guided hundreds of leaders through our "Become The Leader Your Team Can Die For" System during our 17 years existence. Here's what they have to say:

The best thing about the coaching sessions I have had with Sindhuja is the grounding and clarity of thought that is brought from each interaction. Attention to detail and relentless follow up on topics I may have otherwise darted over. She strongly believes in cultivating a firm foundation.

It is difficult to quantify how much time, money, and energy can be wasted if intent and execution are not explicitly defined. I am very happy with the interactions and coaching I have received from her.

She is attentive, flexible, and candid. The biggest value add she brought in was awareness of idealistic leadership behaviors and principles one may not otherwise ponder on their own. Her practice is built on solid and a multitude of experiences. Sindhuja is someone who will give you a framework of what you can do to improve, take the time to educate you on the framework's importance/ principles, and proactively work side by side with you to prioritize and deliberately work on your goal's top value drivers. 

You should hire Sindhuja because outside of being a complete professional, she is a caring and diligent person. You will not get this sort of white glove service from just anyone.

Joaquin Melara

Chief Operations Officer, The Knowledge Graph Conference, New York, U.S.A

Sindhuja is one rare gem of a coach who has that ability to really get beneath the skin and draw out the true self. She has this great approach where she keeps guiding you, but never offers her solutions but waits for the person to arrive at it. She is the best executive coach I have had the privilege to work with, she also uses all the latest tools available to get at a lot of data points which immensely help in the coaching sessions.

Arnab Chatterjee

CXO, Business Head, FMCG GTM Strategist, Pune, India

Interacted with Sindhuja as a Coach. She was very patient and insightful and a great coach to use if you seek pivotal decision making. Wish her and her clients all the luck.

Monisha Saberwal

CEO & Founder, Caidra, Singapore

The coaching sessions I had with Sindhuja helped me to understand clearly about my next goal ad that it was a possibility 


CEO & Founder, Aeysha Accessories

Sindhuja was my coach and guided me through a super structured and highly transformational system. She is a thorough professional and at the same time displayed high levels of empathy and patience. She was there with the right nudges wherever I needed them. With her help, I was able to identify and simplify key aspects of my personality and she helped me incorporate some empowering routines and accountable systems to sustain the changes. I would highly recommend her to any working professional working in high-growth and rapid change environments. I also wish her the very best in her journey of coaching and empowering people!

Sandeep Kumar

HR Head, Udaan, Bangalore, India 

Sindhuja is my coach and she has helped me have a sense of the pathway ahead and how what to prioritize things. She has helped me to be accountable towards my goals and helped me achieve them. 

Sometimes we need someone to tell us whether we are going the right direction and also if we are making a blunder. I will say all experts also need a coach at some point.

Sindhuja is a wonderful coach as she has been very patient and also puts in a lot of effort with me while nudging me from time to time whether it was doing my assignments or making me realize what I need to work on. She’s really good and comes out quite effortlessly and effectively.

If you're thinking of a coach, I would say follow her with full faith and believe in her to take you to your goals as she will!

Shruti Jobanputra

 Founder & CEO, Sharav Enterprise, Ahmedabad, India

First of all, I would like extend my heartful thanks to Sindhuja mam, since words become few to describe the great and invaluable learnings that as a coach she has imparted to me as an individual & a professional person.

Just recently I had been a part of her special Leadership Program "Become the leader your team can die for!". This had provided valuable insights which supports leaders to double their team performance while working half the time! With as difficult and complex subject as this, she made it simple & easy to understand and implement the principles she taught me while learning to practice them in life. With her immense level of knowledge, I can say that she is one of the best of the coaches in the world.

Having an experience of 17 years of entrepreneurship in the field of consulting, training & coaching she can help design the find the leadership road path, layout and help achieve our Goals. I recommend any of the individuals or professionals to find out about her program and take the insights towards work-life. I believe this is a once-in-a lifetime & even more of learnings under her guidance."

Rajat Pendharkar

Deputy General Manager - Tech, Multiplier, New Delhi, India

Sindhuja is one of the best human beings, coaches, and facilitators I have ever come across. Only people who are evolved to a great extent can do justice and add value to the great roles of a coach.

Sindhuja with her immensely rich experience, balanced approach, calm demeanor, systematic and proven techniques can help bring the best out of you. 

An opportunity to be coached by a Senior like her is quite a wonderful experience for life. If you want to achieve a real breakthrough level of performance, set high standards of performance, extract great performance out of your team and achieve all your personal and professional targets in an accelerated time frame , then having a coach by your side can be immensely helpful and reduce your efforts to half.

Her coaching style is so safe that you feel like uncovering the layers within and it helps in unlocking the bottlenecks to flow freely. Enough of waiting. Trying yourself hasn't got you what you wanted, dive in and see the difference for yourself with Sindhuja!

Meenakshi Saraswat

HR Consultant, Jaipur, India

Rajeevsharan Kohli

 CEO, Jaipur Wax Museum, Jaipur, India

There is clarity on the way coaches like Sindhuja speak and conduct themselves, which is the need of the hour for most entrepreneurs today, and especially when they have enough complexities to deal with, that is much needed. What I really appreciated about her was her simplicity and clarity where we created a doable Plan of Action. If you're on the fence thinking of getting started with her as your coach, I would say to go for it!

Neha Agarwal

Director, Benevolent Endeavours (OPC) Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, India

While having Sindhuja as my coach, I discovered a new way of perusing my passion. The conversations with her and suggestions gave me a new target to focus on. She dares you to dream big and be ware of it when you work with her as she will surely help you utilize your potential to the maximum, and that is what makes her unique.

Heena Fazal

Founder, F2obakehouse, Bengaluru, India

Having the opportunity to write this recommendation for Sindhujaji is an absolute honour for me. I had the pleasure of working with Sindhujaji as my coach who guided me through a highly structured and transformational program. Throughout the entire process, she displayed a high level of empathy and patience while maintaining high professionalism at all times. Every time I needed her, she was there to provide me with the right nudge. As a result of her guidance, I was able to identify and simplify key aspects of my life, as well as incorporate some encouraging routines and accountability systems to ensure that the changes I was making would be sustainable in the future. The expertise she possesses would be extremely valuable to anyone working in an environment characterized by rapid change and rapid growth. Additionally, I would like to extend my best wishes to her as she continues to coach and empower others on her journey.

Mahesh Thakur

Manager - Tech, Multiplier, New Delhi, India

Ashish Bobade

Head Of QA - Webuy Pvt Limited, Mumbai, India

How to "Become a leader your team can die for!" is a dream for any leader. I would like to thank my organization for recommending me to be a part of this program conducted by Ms. Sindhuja Rai, the Executive Coach from Mpower. It is her mission to build successful leaders through this program. The program was spread over 90 days which I really found highly valuable and enjoyable at the same time.

During this, I got to learn about my leadership style, and how it is impacting those I lead. I also learnt how it is affecting my current ability to lead them and which leadership styles I need to adopt that can help me going forward. Besides this, there was an in-depth learning on my values which was a very thought provoking piece as I have never realized till now how my values affect my decisions and behaviour. 

Sindhuja's coaching program was highly engaging, motivating and encouraging which leads you to set goals, be them in professional or personal space and help us to achieve them with right focus. 

Last but not the least, I would like to thank Sindhuja and her company Mpower as well as my organization to give us this opportunity to excel as a leader and enhance both professional and personal areas of our lives.

Anjun Arora

Manager - Finance & Accounts, Multiplier

Sindhuja mam's coaching has helped me grow professionally and I couldn’t speak highly enough of how she coached me over this time by giving the best training possible. Her style is professional, relaxed, informal and challenging to ensure, you take the right steps in maximizing your personal development. Additionally, she challenges simply by giving opportunities to try different approaches ensuring you get the right results. Sindhuja ma'm has helped me to reflect on my leadership style, identifying areas for improvement. Therefore because of her continuous support and guidance I have grown more confident in my role as a coach and a leader as now I am able to look at different approaches and focusing on taking action to achieve my career goals. I am blessed to have a coach like Sindhuja ma'm. Your contribution in my life cannot be described in words. You put your heart and soul into what you do. Always be grateful to be coached by you Sindhuja ma'm."

Archana Chaudhary

Advocate & Performance Coach

Thank you for turning my “can nots” into "cans." You’ve pushed me further than I thought I could go, and shown me that I can reach my goals if my mind wants it bad enough. Training with you has benefited my perspective in many areas of my life and I feel more empowered than ever before .I am so lucky to have a coach who inspires me every day to be better than the day before. I hope I can inspire future coachee as you have inspired me all these years. Your encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought possible. Thank you for inspiring me to be excellent in everything I do. I value everything you do to make me become the best coach I can be. You're awesome, ma'am! 

Kulsoom Zehra Abidi

Associate Mentor at LawSikho & SkillArbitrage

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