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Double Your Team Performance & Profits, Working Half The Time®!

Achieve your business goals, while having the time needed to enjoy good things of life.

8-Month Program for Business Owners, CEOs, C-Level Executives 

“You can have everything you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”.

– Zig Ziglar

Our program is designed on the basis of the above statement and principles followed by the world's top leaders over decades to achieve true happiness and freedom while leading successful businesses.

Are you an accomplished and successful leader, but you want to now go to the next level of your leadership where your team should be performing on their own and you want to have the time to focus on more important areas of your business and life?

Many times, you feel what if there were more hours in the day so you could do more. But what if in the same hours you could do less and achieve more?

Also to able to 2x – even 5x your team performance and profits, become a leader of excellence, have the time back to live a life of balance, enjoy your passions and feel happy to show up everyday in your business...

...And all this while working half the time! :)

That is no more a dream, it can be a reality.

Discover How this Program Will Set You Up for Success

High Performance Team

Higher Profits

More Free Time

Benefits Of The Program

The results you'll get from this program will not only transform your business but your complete life, guaranteed!

High Performance Team

Learn the art of effective leadership, clear communication, skill development, and creating a supportive environment for your team by giving and receiving feedbacks, encouraging collaboration and with inspirational leadership in this program. 

Doubled Profits

When your teams are performing at their optimum, with increased productivity, you are bound to increase your turnover and profits. 

More Free Time

A team that is performing day in and out at their best, usually are independent and can do this if trained well, on their own - giving you the time you need for your business and living life to its fullest! 

We Work With You On 3 Areas

Each of these pillars includes assessments, tools, techniques and live interaction with the Executive Coach to hand hold you and support your journey to your destination.


Unfold your leadership potential by utilizing your bright sides & derailers that are stopping you to scale greater heights in your career or business. 


Unweed the roadblocks to a well-bonded team and cultivate a culture of partnership that can help you to influence your teams in a way that motivates them internally gets you the results you need.


Realize true potential of your team and help them achieve team success. Also create a team culture that is independent of your presence so you achieve the time freedom, you want!

Connect With Us

Enrollments are Open Now. Doors will be closed soon. Limited Seats Available. 

We work with only a selected group of participants in this program as this is not just education but implementation that is included as a part of the journey with each of the leaders. 

Join our free, no-obligation waitlist to learn more about this elite coaching program. 

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Coaching by an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified Coach.

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easy peasy!!!

We've made it all very simple for you. No heavy duty jargons and management fundas. Follow our program step by step and achieve the results you want for your business and life...


Step # 1

Decide to at least double your team performance & profits.

Step # 2

Follow the Double Your Team Performance & Profits, Working Half The Time Program® & start implementing the learning in your current role.

Step # 3

Enhance your business results and start creating more time in your current work to have more time for pursuing important professional and personal tasks. 

Here's How It Works

Program Launch : Retreat

This Executive Program gets launched with a 3-Day Retreat where each leader clarifies their vision and builds a winning game plan to create a team that can take the organization to its next level of growth. 

Leadership Community 

Deep dive into principles, concepts and tools and bring back the practical learning for interactive discussions in our Leadership Labs. Work with other like-minded leaders to and get their valuable feedback to make sure you teams grow and perform every single week!

Personalized Coaching

Work on a 1:1 basis with our ICF certified International Coaches and keep yourself on track with your assignments and projects consistently. Remove any mindsets or beliefs that are holding you back to achieve your results. 

Boost-up Retreat

Get yourself re-ignited towards your vision and outcomes in the middle of the program with specially curated offsite workshops and activities. 

Take this time for yourself and your community to learn more about yourself and your current progress in the program.

Enrol Now, And Get These Additional Bonuses (Value $10,000) To Help You Grow Your Leadership & Business 5X Faster

Bonus 1: Discover Your Reputation With Your Team

Walk through one of the highest recommended and leadership assessments in the field of assessment and measurement in over 57 countries for over 30 years, and get to learn - how your team and the people you work with everyday are likely to describe you as a leader and what you can do to align to their expectations.

Create predictive, and demonstrable bottom-line results from improved team performance and reduced attrition with this intervention. 

(Value $1500) Included in your program 

Bonus 2: Understand Your Team's Personality

Find out what the personality elements that make your team and how can you utilize them to create a winning team with this with this comprehensive training specifically designed to help you get the maximum output from your teams.

(Value $2500) Included in your program 

Bonus 3: High-Impact Leadership Intensive

Every quarter we hold a live weekend Leadership Intensive with other leaders. You'll learn best practices from real life experience from some of the best leaders in the world. This is one of the highlights of the Certified Double Your Team Performance & Profits, Working Half The Time® program that our participants love.

(Value $2999) Included in your program

Bonus 4: Private LinkedIn Community

Be a part of an exclusive group of highly driven leaders across the globe that have similar goals as yours. Find opportunities together to take your business to greater heights. 

(Value $999) Included in your program

Bonus 5: VIP Day

We will invite a guest during one of our sessions to share their expertise and experiences to support on any given topic of common interest of the participants. 

These are leaders who are well respected in their domain and are sought after as a mentor for leaders. 

(Value $1000) Included in your program 

Bonus 6: Online Support & Accountability Group

One of the key reasons coaching does not work for people is due to lack of a strong system of support and accountability. With our group support & accountability system, you will be able to work on your monthly accountability journal, track your goals, actions and progress at any given time and feel inspired to work on them consistently. 

(Value $999) Included in your program 

personalized hand holding

You Will Have Support At Every Step Of The Way Till You Reach Your Goal...

Our clients are happy

Most of our customers have managed to double their team performance working half the time in as less as 3 months but at times it can take 6-12 months depending on the complexities involved, the size of their team, geographical spread and the time they invest in to the program.

Working on this program helped me see the blind spots that I never thought existed, and it made me start working with a new found excitement helping me to get higher output from the same team, I thought could not do it earlier. Thanks.

Rajeevsharan Kohli

Chief Executive Officer

Thanks for being there yet pushing me to go find my way. It was a great pleasure to work with Sindhuja and be coached by an Executive Coach like her. I would recommend her to anyone thinking of working with her.

Arnab Chatterjee

Chief Operating Officer

The best thing about the coaching sessions I have had with Sindhuja is the grounding and clarity of thought that is brought from each interaction. Attention to detail and relentless follow up on topics I may have otherwise darted over.

Joaquin Melara

Chief Operating Officer

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