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Want to take your Leadership to the Next level? 

but don't know how? Join our next kick-off program at New Delhi in October 2023!

 Leadership With Horses (LWH)®

A Unique Executive Coaching Program

Keep aside boring presentations and theories on leadership. We bring horses for leaders to gain new perspectives, challenge your leadership skills and create higher grounds for faster learning & creating success habits.

If you want to take your leadership to the Next level, explore who you truly are as a leader, and a person, this program is designed to make it happen.

We Believe

“When it comes to evolving leadership skills, there is no better way than a power-packed experiential session with the best leadership coaches in the world – The horses!”.

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Why Leadership Coaching With Horses (LWH)®?

We know that leading others begins with self-leadership. When leaders explore themselves in an outdoor setting with horses, who love to work with leaders, they learn about leadership styles and behaviours. This self-awareness is deep and creates deep learning impact for each leader that participates in this unique journey. 

How is Leadership With Horses (LWH)®Unique?

Leadership With Horses®is a unique Leadership Coaching program which is highly effective as it cuts across any human-to-human perception in assessment & coaching.

Being prey animals, horses flight instincts work excellent as an instant mirror and provide a 100% unbiased feedback, hard to ignore.

Horses work with leaders, they can trust. Through horse-human interactions, the leaders and managers are able to reveal the blind spot in their leadership or relationship skills.

They are able to imbibe the skills learnt (inter-personal, communication, team building & conflict resolution skills) into their corporate or real-life settings, while shifting their limiting behavioural patterns, preventing them to build greater relationships.

How Does Horse : Human Coaching Work?

Horses sense whether you are congruent and aligned in heart, body and spirit and so they have an innate ability to see deep into your soul and challenge those beliefs and false self-images, that our ego puts up to protect us.

This experience enables the participants to respond accordingly, learn to communicate better, manage & handle their fears and understand the repercussions of their intentions and actions.

“The horse knows…He knows if you know…

...He also knows if you don’t know” – Ray Hunt

Why Horse As Coaches?

Why is it that we decided to include Horses as our Leadership Assessors and Coaches? 

                                         Watch this Exciting Video...

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What Is Leadership With Horses (LWH)® Coaching Program?

During our Executive Coaching Program a 2-Day Experiential Program with Horses is inbuilt to help participants self-assess themselves as leaders, to take their leadership to next level and equip them to lead well.

The activities will be recorded to understand the behaviour between humans and horses as well as human teams.

These interactions will be later analyzed and discussed for learning purpose.

Participants get an opportunity to introspect and assess their style of management and leadership - un-learn, learn and re-learn during this entire program and become the best leaders they can be!


Program Objectives

When you join this program, be prepared to see yourself in the mirror and don't be surprised to find out your true self, as a human and a leader.


Learn about their current leadership style, how to work on situational leadership and its real-time, impact


How to build trust with someone completely new, so new that they are from another species and grow inner confidence.


Renew their communication style – no maybe, confused or giving contradictory instructions and become aware of what was missing.


Learn that neither weakness nor overpowering strength will build a long lasting & evolving partnerships.


Make Better Choices and take appropriate & courageous actions with awareness rather than in an auto-mode


Overcoming stagnant behaviours & management patterns through positive experiences


Experience higher emotional intelligence while working in an unfamiliar setting with an equally unfamiliar work partner

What Else Makes This Program Different?

We believe that the true learning happens when you are out of the office and in real-life where you can explore your true self. 

  • Participants are taken out of their comfort zones in a new territory and with an unknown coach from another species.

  • Immediate transfer of learning - this learning is real, in the moment and more genuine.  Besides, boosting the confidence of each individual, by connecting with and learning from a  500+ kg animal  standing next to them, the sessions  with horses are highly interactive which cannot be  acquired in a regular setting.

  • The Horses will make you savor the moment and make you more receptive towards a real-time feedback.

The participants will be able to understand the dynamics of their interactions with horses and bring the learning immediately into their work and life. 

Where Is The Program Conducted?

We conduct this workshop in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi, Meerut in a perfect set-up for self-evaluation and self-discovery.

We also combine another day for bringing in your reflections into planning your goals for the next few months. Also it gives a setting for the leaders to immerse in themselves to find their true selves.

Is Prior Experience Required?

It is quite possible for some of the participants to have some anxiety or fear when it comes to working with horses. Some may have never been around them or have had a scary incident as a child. 

Our aim is to coach our clients to understand the wisdom of this entire experience and how they can gain with their personal power and manage their fears and concerns that are still present. This will itself stretch the leadership capabilities of the participants. 

No prior horse experience is necessary during this program. We follow all safety precautions throughout all our learning sessions. We also ensure that participants understand the horses, their nature, and how to stay safe while working with them.

We honor both the human and the horse, and our intention is to create a setting that brings the best out in both beings. Our participants are always at choice, and no learning is forced.

More Questions?

How Do We Follow Through?

Step 1: ASSESS

Leadership, Team & Culture Assessment (Online)

Discover what are the behaviours, motivators, and ideal work environment for the leaders and their teams and how they play together. 

Find common grounds and personality gaps that derail the performance of the team and what needs to be done.


Leadership With Horses Workshop (2 Days)

Unveil the true relationships with yourself as a leader and your team mates while working with the horses and how you can build higher trust with them with clear vision, effective communication, and emotional intelligence. Create your goals on Day 2 to work on for next 12 weeks.


Group & 1:1 Coaching (12 Weeks)

Become the leader you always dreamt of, supported by our experienced and ICF credentialed Leadership Coach with our specialized Transformational Coaching System. 

Program ends with another round of assessment to monitor outcomes.


Core Team

Our team of coaches specialize in working with horses and taking these learnings on ground in the real-time business set ups and corporate offices.

We are team of highly experienced coaches having worked with some of the Fortune 500 companies across the globe and multi-industry businesses in the past three decades*.

We will work with you during the coaching journey to ensure the learning from the LWH program are implemented on ground in real work scenarios for the leaders. 

    Sindhuja Rai (Lead Coach)

    Founder, Mpower & Executive Leadership Coach

    With 13+ years in the corporate world, including MNC experience across India, U.K., U.S. and South Africa, and 16+ years of entrepreneurial experience in Business Consulting, Training & Coaching across cities in India, she has successfully supported CEO's, and senior leaders worldwide to transform their businesses.

     A Master Coach from Academy for Coaches, and a certified Hogan Coach, she blends her learning from her rich business experience of 3 decades along with what she has learnt from animals in her life in this unique program Leadership with Horses. High-impact based leadership development, this program is sure to expand your bottom lines.

    She also mentors budding coaches at Academy for Coaches and speaks at many MSMEx platforms like FICCI.

 * We also bring in our other awesome coaches depending on the number of leaders you wish to coach.

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Our Horse Training Partner

Isabelle Hasledar is our certified Horse Training partner. She has been working with companies since 2007 in India and globally.

Isabelle has been working in various cities in India. In her earlier years Isabelle was engaged in senior management positions for BMW and Liebherr. After managing a team of 100+ people it became evident that the most important ingredient for success is an effective leadership style. Isabelle implemented learning's from the work with her horses to the business environment. Later she became a qualified educator based on the HorseDream concept and inspired many business leaders to adopt a more effective leadership style through her workshops with horses.

Mpower partners with her to deliver the workshop with horses post which we take on the Group and 1:1 Coaching interventions on the basis of the findings from this workshop. 

Associations & Partnerships

Clients Experiences...

Some images of our clients undergoing this program...

Let's hear out some of the success stories

This program is valid for leaders from any industry including IT, BFSI, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Education, Consulting, BPO, eCommerce, Retail and more.

“The Workshop with horses is a fascinating experience to recognize especially the strengths in the own leadership style and the videos of the workshop can be used for personal development. This is a must for all who like to deal with the topic of leadership in a total different way.”. 

Dr. Günter Pitz 

Head of Quality Management


“A couple of things that horses have taught me in leadership: 1. Leaders must know where they are headed. It is very obvious with horses: if you don’t know where you are going, the horse will not follow you. 2. Horses keep you humble. Leaders must remain humble. Horses bring you down to earth really fast.”

Aditya Krishna

Chairman & Managing Director

Saksoft Group

"I have attended the program with my Team and I can vouch for the effectiveness of the amazingly unique learning from Horses… I have made it an Acronym H.O.R.S.E.S. working with Honour, Ownership, Respect, Sensitivity, Enthusiasm and Sustainability.”

CD Mathew

Head Human Resources, Shipbuilding, 


Some Top Global Brands Are Our Clients

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Commonly Asked Questions

How does this program work when in a team?

The horse offers a lot of added value because it reacts to the behaviour of the participants independently to the group dynamics and immediately gives the participants a sometimes unexpected response. Unlike humans, horses cannot be impressed by words, (empty) promises, outward appearances or positions and titles - you can only win the animals through authentic communication, trust, empathy and motivation.

Why horses and not dogs?

Horses are flight animals and live in nature in a herd with similar hierarchical structures as we know them in companies. What distinguishes horses fundamentally from dogs is the relationship with humans: dogs protect their owners and or their families - while horses follow human partners on basis of their body language and social skills, but do not protect or defend them. Similar to the behaviour between employee and manager: The employee will follow the instructions of the manager if the task is clearly communicated and there is a good relationship basis. If it comes to a breach of trust the results suffer.

Could we fall from the horse?

Our program is not about riding. The exercises with the horses take place almost exclusively from the ground - we also integrate one or the other exercise on the horse. The exercises on the horses are guided by experts with years of experience and the appropriate horses are selected in advance. The safety of our program participants is the first priority.

I do not like animals, what am I supposed to do?

Many of our participants never had contact with horses or other animals prior to the workshop. We are not wanting to make your participants animal lovers - but to use the horse as an "instrument" and "mirror" to improve communication, emotional competence and leadership quality. Some of our seminar participants had negative experiences with dogs or horses before our workshop - with the professional care, these fears generally subside within 30 minutes.

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