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Introducing Learn To Coach In 6 Weeks Program

For Anyone Who Would Like To Learn The Basics Of Coaching and Have More Meaningful Conversations...

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Did You Know That Coach Skills Are Not Only Needed In Your Work But Also In Personal Relationships?

Coaching is needed whether you’re a professional coach, trainer, leader, interacting with customers, people, children or just about any human being on a daily basis. Using a coaching approach can help you develop and take your communication skills to greater heights.

Coaching Skills Give You An Instant Platform To Build Stronger & Turnaround Difficult Relationships With People You Interact With Every Day

This Program is For You If You Would Like To Start

  • Using coaching as a skill with your clients while giving them more value and higher impact if you are a trainer, mentor, consultant, a coach or in a customer handling position

  • Coaching your teams to induce higher performance from them if you are a business owner, CEO, or a business leader

  • Building better relationships at work, with spouse children, relatives, friends, working in volunteer or community setting


    We have structured our programs in such a way that it helps students with different levels of expertize on the subject, right from a beginner to an expert. We cover it all.

    Module 1: 

    How is coaching different from a regular conversation we have with people and how can it bring out the best in people? In this section, we will also cover -

    • The Key Principles of Coaching 

    • The Coaching Models

    • The Frameworks used during Coaching Process

    • The ground rules of coaching and their reasons with impact

    • How to use the coaching rules to create valuable insights for the coachee

    Module 2: Qualities Of A Good Coach

    In this program, you will discover what are the qualities a good coach should possess that help clients trust them. You will also learn -

    • How to discover and promote your client’s mission

    • The Coaching Models

    • Best ways to support clients with their purpose, and specific agenda

    • How to hold yourself as a coach and the have a coaching presence

    Module 3: Designing A Coaching Alliance

    You will get to learn how you can design a coaching relationship with people to help them meet their needs. This will include -

    • How to create an alliance that fits their working and learning styles

    • How to tailor a relationship as per the communication approach that works best for the person

    Module 4: Core Competencies of Coaching

    Gain confidence in the entire coaching process while helping the people derive insights and tangible outcomes. You will learn -

    • How to set the foundation of coaching with the coachee

    • How to listen attentively and intuitively

    • How to ask and create powerful coaching questions

    • How to facilitate learning and results for the person



    The entire program will have practical and peer coaching interventions, hence it is a hands-on program with high-value takeaways


    At the end of this program, you will learn the powerful coaching techniques that can help you build stronger relationships at work, at home, and socially while you can also use these skills to pitch yourself as a high-end coach.


    These are the top 3 key modules of this program that makes it a must attend for all leaders who are leading teams be in any industry or geography.


    On successful completion of the 6-Weeks course, you will receive a Certificate in Coaching Skills from Mpower.

    This will help boost your credibility and confidence at your work as well as professionally while being able to build stronger relationships with everyone you converse with.

    Course Material 

    An extensive Course Handout to help you refresh your learning or use it while working with the people. 

    This will be a detailed course material on Coaching Skills covering all the modules mentioned above. 

    The content shared in this program is used by some of the top notch coaches today. 

    Program Elements

    The program is laid out in a way that is comfortable on your current schedule with weekly sessions and online support system. Hence you can easily include the program even if you are usually busy or travelling 

  • 1 X 2-Hours sessions X 6 Weeks

  • Online Support over email and WhatsApp for 90 Days

  • 3 X 15-Minute laser “I am stuck & need help now” sessions over to avail anytime during 90 Days

  • Peer Support for practice sessions 

  • 1X60 Minute 1:1 in-depth session to support your current challenges as a coach with the Master Coach

  • FREE Entry to a VIP Day of Mpower, a yearly networking event with top professionals globally


    Program Details

    We have structured our program in such a way that it helps participants easily follow the program along with your current busy schedules.

      Who Is This Program For?

      This program is designed for anyone who works with people, be it professionally, personally, socially or as a volunteer and wants to take their communication skills to the next level.

      However, this is also useful for those who want to learn these skills as a part of their profession e.g. trainers, mentors, or consultants.

      When & Where Are The Sessions Conducted?

      All our sessions are conducted virtually live on Zoom once a week. Each session is for 2 hours per week. 

      In case you miss a session (which we really don't wish you would), we also record every session and you can watch the recordings anytime you want.

      How Much Time Do I Need For This Program?

      We suggest you to keep aside at least 8-10 hours per week for the assignments we will give you and it is important they are completed for us to support your progress in the program.

      The program has been designed to fit your busy schedules and the time slots for the 1:1 session can be mutually discussed.  

      How Much Is The Total Duration Of The Program?

      The program duration is of 6 weeks along with a 14-Day Challenge.

      We also have another program in case you wish to take Coaching as a business that supports you in marketing it. Let us know if you need it and we can add that duration in your current course. 

      How Soon Can I Get Started On The Program?

      You can get started as soon as you complete the application on this page, speak with us and make a small deposit. 

      * IMPORTANT Note: We have both 1:1 and Group Programs. Group Programs come at 25% Discount. We keep our group sizes small and places fill up fast - do let us know and we will reserve your place today so you don't have to wait. If you would like to join in a group with other associates, we can also create a special one for you!

    Are You Ready To Start Using Coaching Skills To Achieve Your Professional or Personal Goals And Unlock Your Communication Potential?

    If you want one program that can help you to get the best from the people while developing professionally, this is the one!  


    By Application Only

    Book a call with our team to make your application.

    We take in participants based on a 1:1 screening & interaction

    Please read all the details of our program (above) before booking your call with us. Incomplete applications will be cancelled.

    Very limited places available.

    Pick a Date and Time. Duration: 30 minutes  This is a virtual Zoom meeting. The details will be sent to you.

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